Warrior Stack
Warrior Stack
Warrior Stack

Warrior Stack

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Hearts 4 CHEO Collection - $12 from your purchase of this stack is donated directly to the CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) Cardiology Unit to help Heart Warriors like Blake. 

The "Warrior" Stack includes: 
- 4mm Matte Black/Glossy Black Mixed Bracelet
- 3mm Matte White Bracelet
- 2mm White Pearl Bracelet 
- 2mm Grey Bracelet with Heart Warrior Charm in Silver or Gold Plated

The Story Behind The 'Warrior Stack':
A warrior is defined as 'a brave fighter or soldier'; words that couldn't be more true for our little heart hero - Blakelyn. Since day 1, this little warrior has shown us more strength, resiliency and fight than most would experience in a lifetime.
•217 days in Hopsital
•3 open heart surgeries
•Tracheostomy and 24/7 breathing support
•Gastronomy (stomach) feeding tube  •Endless procedures and tests
... and this girl still wakes up every day with a smile on her face, living life to the fullest.
Who's the warrior in your life?  

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