How the Hearts4CHEO Collection Began...

Our Hearts4CHEO Collection began with a story. Or a few...

The Story Behind 'The Silver Lining Stack': 

While Blake was in the hospital, each day presented its challenges. Despite what often felt like one heart ache after another, we always focused on the "Silver Lining"; we had so much to be thankful for and always found light in the toughest of situations. Find your Silver Lining.


The Story Behind The 'Warrior Stack':
A warrior is defined as 'a brave fighter or soldier'; words that couldn't be more true for our little heart hero - Blakelyn. Since day 1, this little warrior has shown us more strength, resiliency and fight than most would experience in a lifetime.

•217 days in Hopsital
•3 open heart surgeries
•Tracheostomy and 24/7 breathing support
•Gastronomy (stomach) feeding tube  •Endless procedures and tests
... and this girl still wakes up every day with a smile on her face, living life to the fullest.
Who's the warrior in your life?  


The Story Behind The 'Mighty Mauve Stack': 
This one's for the Nurses. After 217 days spent in Hospital, the nursing staff quickly became our family and our rock. It's impossible to count the number of times they saved Blake's life, but even in the toughest of times, they kept us calm and assured us they would do everything they could. They loved and cared for Blake like she was their own, and will forever hold a special place in our hearts for our nurses and their incredible strength. Find your rock and hold them close.


The Story Behind The '50 Shades Stack': 
50 Shades of Grey has a bit of a different meaning than you may think... for us it meant hope. Each surgery meant a possibility of 50 different outcomes, but hope is what gave us strength and allowed us to focus on better days ahead. Despite the many shades of grey...always choose to see the light and have hope. 


The transition to a monthly Hearts4CHEO stack allows for larger donations, more exclusive products, and a fun way for us to keep designing something special, just for YOU!